Fashion At Any Size… Leather … etc… =)

I usually don’t like their videos…
but this one I actually agreed with JUST ‘cause of the first section on leather.
However, I don’t agree 100% on the other things they talk about, but I still think they are good tips, hence why posting it.

However, I do stay strong on the leather part as I can think of two friends right at the top of my head who always try to pull off the leather look, and it never looks good on them ‘cause they don’t have the right body for leather pants or a leather skirts. (Truth be told… I’m secretly hoping they see this video which is the main reason I’m posting it.)

Anyways, I hope some of the tips on this video will also be helpful to you guys also… just keep in mind that these are not strict rules and there are always exceptions.

The tough-chic look of leather has an irresistible allure and the key to making it work is understanding that leather acts like a highlighter. The eye is drawn to whatever part of the body you put it on, so use leather to highlight your assets.
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