Fuck Valentine’s Day, Fuck The Commercialization Of Love

If couples want to spend a great day together and show each other their love, I’m fine with it. But why does it have to be this specific day? I mean most of the people don’t even know the meaning of valentine’s day and I’m disgusted of what it turned into. All this valentine themed stuff in the stores, all this valentine themed food, the whole social construct around valentine’s day, all the money spend on valentine’s day. Do you really think it has to be this way and it’s a day where we should show our love to our partner (or as in the original meaning: family, friends, partners, just people we love). Why does it have to be one only day, which is commercialized in the worst possible way? We can show our love to others, each and every single day, and if we truly love these people around us, then we don’t have to do it in a special manner and spend tons of money on it. Why does this whole valentine thing have to start ever since we are kids? Do you understand how society already washed our brains when we were kids? If you’re a kid and don’t recieve any valentine letters, that means you’re unpopular. Do you see how all this commercial bullshit made us thinking that we have to be all popular and celebrate these “holidays” like valentine’s day with our significant other? Do you see how society enforces us to feel bad for being single? It’s like we need to have people telling us how much they like us, in order to like ourselves. Let me tell you something: This year’s velantine’s day and all the other years to follow and every single other day, just remember what the true meaning of love is and share that feeling you have, not only with your partner, but with every single being and put aside all this commercial bullshit. Just show love and respect to everything and everyone, as often and as much as possible.

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