I Love Valentine’s Day

And I find that most people have shitty arguments for hating it. It’s not “oh it’s just not my bag,” but it’s some damned stupid assault on a day. Let’s go through the most common ones, shall we?

“I’m Single!”

You know what? So am I. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday, even when I was a little girl. And believe you me, I can be one of the biggest self-pitying sacks of shit when it comes to being single. But Valentine’s Day is a day for all love, not just romantic. I love my friends. I celebrate my love for them on Valentine’s Day. I love (some of) my fmaily. I celebrate my love for them on Valentine’s Day. I was only not single once on Valentine’s Day. And you know what? My Valentine that year sucked. It’s not February 14th’s fault I had that boyfriend at the time, and it’s not February 14th’s mea culpa for my being single now. Plus, if you’re isngle, you can buy all that Valentine’s chocolate and eat it yourself. No need to share. Sounds ideal to me.

“Shouldn’t we love our S.O. everyday?”

Yeah, we should. We should also honor our veterans everyday, love our mom and dad everyday (granted they’re not abusive or some shit like that of course), right? Shouldn’t we always have that kindred spirit Christmas supposedly inspires in those who celebrate it? Yet I don’t see nearly as much hate for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Veterans’ Day. Also, those little conversation hearts deserve their own damn holiday. (I love finding the negative ones like “Go Away” in a mix of the normal “Be Mine” and “My Hero.”)

“It’s too commercialized.”

Welcome to America! Glad you finally noticed the only thing we give a fuck about is money. If you don’t want to buy anything for Valentine’s Day, don’t fucking buy anything for it. No one is actually forcing you to celebrate it. If society forces you to celebrate any holiday, it’s New Year’s. And even then, you don’t have to actually go out and celebrate. You just have to acknowledge the changing date and buy a calendar. See? New Year’s actually forces you to buy more shit than Valentine’s! And why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of the extra chocolate the stores put out beats me.

Now if you just aren’t into holidays that don’t give you a day off work or school, I can dig it. But to go out and make it shitty for the few of us who do enjoy it is realy unnecessary. Go eat some chocolate and chill.

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