Aion Chibi Art – Ranger

) Симпотяшка Ranger … только почему это ranger я так и не понял.

Aion Ranger Chibi

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По блогу в ближайших планах

Наконец-то отладил плагин Lightbox Plus, сегодня снесу страницу галереи и просто добавлю раздел для фото и изображений. …Это а-ля пролог )))) А реально по сути:
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Wallpaper – Aion Love

Сегодня откопал на просторах интернета красивую обоину на тему mmorpg игры AION

Aion Love

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Chyi Yu – Tears (Donde Voy)


красивая песня в ритме венского вальса
Donde Voy вроде переводится как “Где Я”

Что такое PU Leather – рассказываю…

При покупке кожаных изделий многие сталкиваются с термином PU Leather… так вот Далее »

you, me, us. (yepp… letter)

letter you me kiss winter snow
sooo he wants to take the dogs out tomorrow.

god knows what is gonna be talked about.

It’s like once you think that you are starting to become numb to the whole situation and everything ending. and, by the way i was actually going day to day only thinking about us a couple times a day, rather than the CONSTANT FLASHBACK REPLAYS that i was having trouble with at the start.
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Letter again)) “So yeah, the one person should instantly know who they are… “

You are amazing, I think the world of you. I accept you, you know all of this. I tell you that I love you all of the time because I don’t want you to ever feel as if I don’t. I don’t want to make a mistake of ever making you feel that I don’t.

You are just the sweetest anybody has ever been to me. I don’t know what made you like a freak like me but, yeah.
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The Valentines Day I Will Never Have.(Another letter)

heart love valentine
LOL Ohkaii So This Was Just Something I Put Together Like A Week Ago And Wrote Down Cause I Really Liked It. I Didn’t Originally Intend To Publish This On Tumblr Or Anywhere Else But I Figured “why Not?’ So Here It Is. My Fantasy About Love That Will Never Happen Because I’m An Awkward Mothafucka. (And No This Is Not About Any Specific Person, I Just Like Romantic Things And I Really Wanted Someone To Cuddle With While I was Writing This…I Still Want Someone To Cuddle With LOL)
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