Some letter “sorry so long, pms. “

you, first bestfriend, you went through some shit, but dont worry, he pink and a douche bag, so no one likes him. now you have a man rather than a boy and im really hoping for you guys to date soon, but itll happen, just appreciate that hes a really good guy who actually wants to take you on dates and get to know you, a lot of guys wouldnt do that, hes a keeper and when we have to vote for cutest couple next year , ill be sure to put your name down.

second best friend, the boy, you like him a lot and just want him to stop being so afraid. he will come around, he just needs to adjust, stop second guessing and denying yourself because that fucks you up, if you have to trust anyone at least trust yourself, itll get you really far, and trust me i think he’ll come around sooner than you think, he does care about you, a lot. it’s just a matter of timing and him healing.

third best friend, you’ve gone in and out of depression, and not a lot of people actually understand you, but our little “group” as you like to call it does. we all care about you a lot, lol remember when me and steph reported you to sac? yeah lol., well that was because we were worried and there are a lot of people who care about you and love you whatever you do. anyone who doesnt understand that , you can call a slut, which, you do anywho.

fourth best friend, you’ve had your share of boyfriends, none of which have worked. you’re lonely and just want to find that guy that can always make you smile. you’re a romantic at heart. it’s just very difficult, but don’t feel rushed like you need to find the one guy right now. contrary to belief, you are still very young, and when it happens, itll happen, you can be happy with or without a guy, you don’t need a boy to be with you, you’re absolutely beautiful and a lot of hamilton guys, just wont wake up to whats there. but you’ll find him.

fifth best friend, we haven’t hung in awhile, wahh. but irregardless, you are so awesome, you are just the smartest girl ive ever met, hell you’re indian. it’s totally ironic how we met through those circumstances, but better to have met you then not at all. you always know what to say and are always happy or smiling even if you’re upset. you’re so kind and put everyone first, sometimes you need to put you first though, and you see that. along with almost everyone else on here, you’ve had boy problems too, but hey, what can i say, boys suck right? lol, well you’ll be going to college next year and i have a feeling you are going to meet a steady relationship upon arrival, college men are some serious shit. maybe you’ll meet mr. bernard ;D

friend who recently had that awful break up, you’re lovely. i think the whole thing about him “falling asleep” is bullshit, boys will be boys, and men will be men. can you guess which one of them he is? most definitely not the man.. but you are so strong, with the help of companionship from friends and talking to belfiore, you’re better. hell, you even might have a new boyfriend in the next month and im so happy for you, you go girl, but stop cutting yourself, you’re beautiful.

asian friend, you are always saying you are not pretty when you are actually one of the prettiest girls i know, inside and out. you’re smart, sophisticated, artistic, and have fabulous hair. when your parents tell you otherwise, block it out, i know its hard, but look in the mirror and realize all of the potential, the only reason you dont have a boyfriend is because well, lets be frank, we are in a high school, in hamilton soooo yeah, basically 9 1/2 /10 of the guys there are jerks who only see a girl if she has her ankles behind her ears. but all in all, they end up sad because they cheat on them with their best friend but w/e. point is, dont ever settle for being called ugly or stupid or something because the people who pick on you are just jealous that you have something they dont.

black friend, bro i know you’re worried about moving in with your girlfriend, but like i said before, it’ll either make you or break you. but honestly, i think you guys can do it, you’re both strong and love each other. as for that guy who totally kicked you out of the house, he’s going to be miserable the rest of his life so no need to be angry about it, his loss. we’ve had some odd conversations but i think thats whats awesome about you, i dont think i know a lot of guys i can talk to about pretty much anything and they are chill about it. you’re really awesome and handsome and im happy to have that in my black friend

friend thats grown over time, lol remember math with ms dompierre? was she married? idek, but nevertheless, chica u iz sew aw3some, i love how you honestly just don’t give a flying fuck about what anyone says, you are just you. you have awesome hair and in all honesty, are too cool for high school. no one in this shit school is as idk how to put it, like no one has a mature mindset like you. hell im not saying you’re mature, but its the way you see things. like you do what you want, like an adult almost. its awesome. also, i’ve seen one or two tumblr posts talking about how you don’t think you’re pretty. qurLLLLLL please. you’re skinny and blonde, you’re automatically pretty bish, you dont dress in hollister but honestly, i would probably hate you if you did, and you’re beautiful , so tell that to yourself. like i’ve said to everyone else so far basically, i think its because you’re too artistic for hamilton, once we all go to college and get out of here, itll be good.

last but not least, friend/enemy/kind of boyfriend/dad like/guy that i cant seem to get away from but i dont mind, where do i even start, what do i even say about you. i could sit here and say all these bad things you’ve done to me, but i dont want to, these “letters” or whatever they are, they are about nice things. no matter what i know for a fact that you care about me, so therefore , anything done, i know its with good intentions. god, its been what? almost three years, you’ve had to deal with me. any man who can deal with me behind the scenes for three years should get a trophy. i know how i can get, but you’ve seen me look like shit and be in my absolute worst mood or worst place i can be, and you’re still here. that really says something to me, i think it’s beautiful. you’re endless compasion for me. i know we get in our arguements, then there’s our fights, hell then there’s our big fights, but at the end of the day, i always kind of know we will end up talking again at some point or another, i think of you many ways. as an authoritive figure, a crush, a friend, an enemy, a lover, a narcasist, but all in all, you’ve made my life interesting, almost like a story, so thank you, you’ve given me experience through practically everything. also, no matter how angry i get at you, if i hit you or slam the door in your face or even block you on facebook, i except you to find another way to contact me, because i don’t mean it,at all. i care about you, a lot.

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