The Valentines Day I Will Never Have.(Another letter)

heart love valentine
LOL Ohkaii So This Was Just Something I Put Together Like A Week Ago And Wrote Down Cause I Really Liked It. I Didn’t Originally Intend To Publish This On Tumblr Or Anywhere Else But I Figured “why Not?’ So Here It Is. My Fantasy About Love That Will Never Happen Because I’m An Awkward Mothafucka. (And No This Is Not About Any Specific Person, I Just Like Romantic Things And I Really Wanted Someone To Cuddle With While I was Writing This…I Still Want Someone To Cuddle With LOL)

It’s a summer party and we’re both here alone. I’m looking at you from across the room and I can tell you’re looking at me too. You come up to me and tell me that you need to talk to me and then proceed to bring me to the back of the party. You start gazing at me and I gaze back. We’re like that for a while until I grab your tie and tell you it looks good on you and that you look really attractive. You move closer and I end up being pressed against the wall. You’re so close that I can feel your breath on my neck as you whisper in my ear “thank you”. You move back a little and we’re staring into each others eyes again. You’ve got your arms wrapped around my waist and mine around your neck. You tell me that I look beautiful and that you’ve been wanting to do this for a while. My heart races so hard and fast that I’m positive you can see and hear it beating out of my chest. You lean in again and this time you’re so close that our noses are touching. You linger there for a second and take that time to tell me that you’ve had feelings for me for quite some time. I smile, tell you that the feeling is mutual and I pull you in for a kiss. It’s passionate and tender and soft and full of compassion and when we pull back we’re both glowing with happiness. We kiss over and over again until we hear someone coming. it’s a friend of ours and they’re looking for someone to go dance with them. We decline and tell them we’re going out for a walk if anyone asks. We go for a walk around a park just a block or two away from the party. There’s a full moon out and the weather is perfect. We’re holding hands and you can’t hear anything but the sprinkling of the fountain and our own footsteps. You pull me in and wrap your arm around my waist. I lean my head on your shoulder and you kiss me gently on the forehead. I let out a giggle and you ask me what’s so funny. I tell you that I’m just really happy to be here with you. We continue walking and eventually end up at your car. You ask if I wanna go somewhere and just chill. I accept and you take me to this hill with a huge willow tree on top of it. You pull out a blanket and we spend the rest of the night gazing at stars and just talking about anything and everything. You give the the kind of feeling that I never thought I was good enough to experience. I Love You.

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